ARCHITECTURE                                                  URBAN PLANNING

CONSERVATION                                                     INTERIOR DESIGN

CERTIFICATION                                                      PROCUREMENT

Since 1992, we have delivered a variety of projects and satisfied a large number of clients, many of which returned multiple times, certain of a successful collaboration.

We manage and coordinate every project with coherence and care not only to complete construction but also to build a successful relationship with our client.

We have built a wealth of competence in project management and budget costing; we are constantly committed to creating value for our clients in terms of procuring competitive suppliers and excellent products.

Based on a thorough understanding of the individual needs of our clients and their industries, our design team is committed to implement the levels of creativity, expertise and design excellence needed to inspire and secure commercial success.

Our company policy is to value the input of the client and the conditions dictated by the market at all stages of the design process in the belief that consistent, open communications will ultimately lead to the best quality product.


JDDG provides comprehensive architectural services, from initial consultation to submission of planning applications and project management. JDDG is committed to the design of high-performance ecological buildings and work environments which are resource efficient, economically and environmentally sustainable.

We follow a green agenda from the outset in all of our projects, and endeavour to encourage our clients to take a sustainable approach to the project from the preliminary stages.

  • Site analysis/survey
  • Feasibility studies – costing assessments
  • Preparation of Planning application documents
  • Architectural 3D models and Visuals through CGI (Computer Generated Images)
  • Conservation advice
  • Tender Packages
  • Construction detail design
  • Fire safety certificate application
  • Project administration and management
  • On Site Supervision and Snagging
  • Ancillary Certification and Assigned Certifier roles for BCAR (Building Control Amendment Regulations)
  • Licensing and Land Registry Mapping


We have a wealth of experience and can create the perfect interior design for your property and business . Using the latest in technology to create 3D visuals, the preparation of mood and sample boards, drafting of comprehensive drawing packages and FF&E schedules, we can take you from conception through to completion, overseeing every step along the way.

  • Concept development
  • Design presentations and 3D visuals
  • Bespoke furniture design
  • FF&E sourcing and procurement
  • Tender documentation and specifications
  • Compliance
  • Branding and Graphic design
  • Project administration and management


Good planning can balance the economic, social and environmental factors arising from development for the common good. For instance, it can marry land use, transport and development objectives to create places that are successful, profitable and flexible into the future and give people an attractive environment in which to live, work and play.

At John Duffy Design Group, we believe that engagement between the client and the community is key to the success of any project and we aim to achieve consensus and support for a well thought out solution to every brief.  Our objective is to provide principled, imaginative and practical designs for all our projects, big or small.

  • Submissions to planning authorities
  • Development of framework/master plans for the regeneration of brown-field land or for the creation of new neighbourhoods in urban and rural contexts.
  • Management of the planning application process from inception to conclusion. This could run from pre-planning negotiations with statutory bodies to set the agenda for the project right through to the submission or response to planning appeals or representing the client at oral hearings or court proceedings



A certificate of compliance(design) is a requirement under the new building control regulations SI9. The design certifier is responsible for the preparation of the drawings, specification and particulars for the design of the building, and ensures that ancillary certificates are obtained for any other members of the design team.

The assigned certifier is appointed by the building owner to certify the works carried out in accordance with the building control regulations. The assigned certifier is responsible for signing statutory documents for building control and overseeing all other certifiers on the project. Assigned certifier does not include for supervision of the builder. It is based on inspections of the building, the workmanship, detailing and materials used etc.

  • Provide and sign the relevant statutory certificates – the form of undertaking at commencement and the Certificate of Compliance on Completion;
  • Co-ordinate the ancillary certification by members of the design team and other relevant bodies for the Certificate of Compliance on Completion;
  • Identify all design professionals and specialists, in conjunction with the Builder, from whom certificates are required;
  • Identify all certificates required and obtain them;
  • Co-ordinate and collate all certification of compliance for completion in conjunction with the Builder;
  • In consultation with the members of the design team, plan and oversee the implementation of the Inspection Plan during Construction;
  • Prepare the Preliminary Inspection Plan and oversee adherence to this plan, and on completion provide the Inspection Plan as implemented;
  • On termination or relinquishment of their appointment make available to the Building Owner all certification prepared and inspection reports carried out;
  • Act as the single point of contact with the Building Control Authority during construction;
  • Seek advice from the Building Control Authority, in respect of compliance matters relating to the building or works where disputes or differences of opinion arise between the parties to the project; and maintain records of inspection.

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